In the heart of the Upper Rhine valley, cocooned between the Black Forest and the river Rhine, a small ship-shaped hill rises, generously carpeted in loess and planted with vines: its name? the Tuniberg.
Culminating at 300 metres above sea-level,it cannot be described as a big
mountain but it certainly makes up for it by delivering great wines.
Settled at the foot of this small giant of a mountain, 12 miles South-West of Freiburg, lies the village of Tiengen, home to the Simon vintner family.
Ida beim TraubenpflückenThis is where we have been making wine for the last 200 years. For much of that time the wine we produced was for our own consumption whilst we also sometimes sold our grapes to the local co-operative.
But, one day back in 2009, we took the decision to turn our vintage into
something rather special: a vintage which would flow against the tide: created with wholly fermented grapes and no residual sugar.
White wines are meant to be bursting with flavor, freshness and liveliness. Our ambition is for everyone to look forward to opening the next bottle.
We even coax varieties like Muscat-famously known as dessert wines - into
delivering a dry finish and developing their very own language: direct and
honest. We focus all our efforts on the essential so that their true character and unique qualities shine through.
Our red wines invite you to relax and be at one with Nature. They are patient and offer great promise, reaching their very best between 3 and 5 years.
2013 was the first vintage that saw all our red wines aged in small oak
barrels. Our motto is: Good times need good wines!
Our wine hallmark is clarity, perfection and undoubtedly elitism. We know that for a fact. For we believe in what we create. Not just a few people who taste our wines experience a little happiness - many in fact are rendered very happy indeed.
Come and find us in our courtyard. We speak quite good English and a little French.